Let Emotion Be Your Guide

Posted by Trevor on 13 April 2012 | Post a Comment

“It’s not personal, it’s just business.”  How many times have you heard that phrase in your career?  We have all been told at one time or another that when you go to work, you need to check your emotions at the door.  I don’t believe this to be true.  In fact, for me, emotion is 100 percent behind making the best decisions for me and my business.  You just need to know how to access the right emotion that will lead you to the optimal result.

Emotion is part of the process that takes you from a “state of desire” to a “state of belief” to a “state of knowing.”  Some people might find this state akin to women’s intuition.  Many women are more naturally in touch with this instinct; they have a sense of “just knowing” what’s right.  To a degree, I think many men have lost touch with that intuition.

In my book, Three Simple Steps, I offer exercises that help rewire the neurons in your brain that will make it easier to access this “state of knowing.”  I think it’s important for both men and women to focus on rewiring the neurons in their brains: for women who have forgotten they possess that creative power and for men to more consistently access the “state of knowing.”

When you consciously use this “state of knowing,” your instincts and your emotion will become your greatest tool – not your greatest liability, as some business professionals would have you believe.  The “state of knowing” or intuition has become the only emotion I trust when faced with a major decision.  If my intuition tells me it’s the right decision, as crazy as it may seem to everybody else (and even to me), that’s the decision I will follow.

For example, Lyn and I were shopping for a house in Tampa Bay.  We knew what we wanted, and we knew we would find it.  We had spent a fruitless day driving around looking at houses, and as the sun was going down we thought we should quit for the day.  We were currently leasing a place, and we decided that we would just keep leasing until the right home showed up  When I turned the car around, I took a wrong turn and we got lost.  But sure enough, that’s when it happened.  As we slowed down to drive by these beautiful, perfect houses on the water, a woman opened her front door and emerged with a “For Sale” sign in her hand.  For me, it doesn’t get more obvious than that.  The couple who lived there had decided that day to sell their house and move to North Carolina.  My wife and I made the decision to buy the house within seconds of walking through the front door.  We didn’t even bother to tour the entire house; we just knew. It turned out to be one of the happiest homes we have ever purchased and one of the best investments we ever made.

The “state of knowing” is a very powerful emotion, but it’s not a sense of excitement; it’s a sense of gratitude beyond excitement.  I trust my intuition, and I’m confident that it will always lead me the right way.  I would never check my emotion at the door when making important decisions; quite the opposite.  I can’t make a decision without emotion.

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