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I wrote The Three Simple Steps to get readers to the critical stage of knowing. Somebody once told me he read the book to rewire his neurons in a way that allows him to get closer to what his wife has naturally: the sense of knowing. I hadn’t thought of it that succinctly before, but that’s exactly where the book is meant to get you. For about twenty years I’ve talked about the differences between desire and belief. These are important – but there’s an exponentially greater difference between belief and having a sense of knowing.

There are three levels of belief and moving through them requires a lineage of steps. First and foremost you have to take control of your mentality, so people aren’t able to influence what you know and what you dream about. In doing this, you put yourself in the position to have great ideas – and that’s how intentions become much more powerful than goal setting.

Most goal-setting techniques are aimed at moving you in baby steps to increase your belief. This does work for some people some of the time, but it’s not good enough if you really want to change your life. To make changes happen, you must get to a place where you not only have an idea, but also a sense of knowing what is coming into your life. It takes practice and experience to reach that place, of course – and this is what The Three Simple Steps is all about.

It’s also why I feel the book targets two audiences. The obvious audience has the road warrior mentality. These are the people who are already in a goal-setting mind, but get frustrated because they don’t achieve their goals – or perhaps they only achieve small ones and don’t understand why. The result too often is that they either give up setting big goals, or they fall into a complaining mentality.

The other audience for Three Simple Steps is the female who already has a sense of knowing, but has lost confidence due to circumstances beyond her control – such as being in a work environment where females are suppressed (which happens all the time.) Everywhere I go, I meet women who are just getting back into the workforce and somewhat lacking in confidence, isolated in a new technological world. I’ve also met successful women, self-made multimillionaires, who are very good at multitasking because they can cut through all the details and make big decisions. It’s when women stop trusting their intuition that they lose confidence.

The Three Simple Steps serves two purposes. Men who read it learn to become more like women in terms of building their sense of intuition and learning to trust it – a critical skill for men. The female audience has a huge advantage because they have a natural intuition, but they’ve lost the confidence it takes to act on it. They must realize that confidence is within their reach.

Applying The Three Simple Steps enables people to connect – or re-connect – with who they were born to be.


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Our lives are not meant to be a struggle, but a joyful trip, and I hope this book can help you realize that.
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