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Posted by Trevor on 29 May 2012 | Post a Comment

When people go off to college, they often begin school with the idea of following a life’s calling. Perhaps they have dreams of entering a certain profession or making a living by doing something that they love. Eventually though, I think most people end up choosing the path that leads them to money, even though they probably wouldn’t admit that.

Once you leave college, you’ve got to pay off your college loans and other expenses. So if somebody offers you a decent paying job, you’re going to take it. Let’s say I started off, and I wanted to be a successful writer. I’m busy writing but I’m also starving. Then one day someone turns up at my front door and says, “I’d like you to stop writing. Here’s a check for $50,000.”  I think it’s highly likely that I would take that check. We live in a society in which money is important, so not many people have the luxury of choosing between making money and pursuing an artistic or philanthropic endeavor.

Even if we tend to follow the money when choosing a career, it doesn’t mean we’ll never do things in life that we’ll love. My very good friend had big artistic ambitions when she was a teenager, and then she got pregnant. Her life changed completely, and she has three amazing children now. That is her life calling: being a mother. But she didn’t start out with that. We can find things that we love just by responding to what life has put in front of us. One day when she feels she has completed that phase of her life, what is to stop her returning to her artistic dreams?

I always wanted to be a physician when I was young. But because I grew up poor and it was at a time when society was different and university educations in the U.K. were not available to everyone, I couldn’t afford to attend medical school. Since I didn’t have money, I ended up getting a scholarship into the military academy instead. I didn’t start out in life wanting to join the military. I really wanted to be a doctor. But looking back on these events, I wouldn’t want to change anything that happened to me after that.

I wouldn’t say that I’ve ever had a particular calling in life. I do however have 12 intentions written on the white board in my office right now. You couldn’t describe any one of them as a life calling, but each one of them will be amazing when they come to light. For example, when I was younger, I really wanted to travel. That wasn’t a life calling, but it was something I really wanted. I found a way to make that happen. If I can do it, so can you. Set your mind to achieve your intentions, connect yourself with that intention, and it will come into your life. I don’t know if your intention and your pursuit of that intention would necessarily be a life calling, but it could certainly be so huge that it takes up the whole of your life.

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