First and Only Live Seminar on Three Simple Steps: June 2013

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Hello Everyone,

IMG_0709I hope you are all enjoying spring more this year than any year before. I state it like that because when you are in the throes of reinvention, you notice so much more about the world around, and you feel that much more connected to everything. Whereas before you might have trodden on a flower as you stomped to the dull workplace where you didn’t want to be, now you stop and notice just how perfectly made it is, and how bright are the petals. Observing it reminds you of what expansion and awakening feel like. You suddenly “get” the flower and its lesson. All of life becomes a classroom now, and the lessons are never more potent than in spring.

Speaking of lessons, I had lunch with Jurriaan Kamp, the CEO of The Intelligent Optimist, the only magazine I subscribe to. The result of the lunch is an article in the current edition. The result of the article is a request from him and his loyal readers for a live seminar. More on that in a minute.

Several years ago I came across The Intelligent Optimist, then called ODE Magazine, in a waiting room at a hospital. It was such a refreshing read, and a welcome alternative to the normal gossip magazines that clutter those places. Here were articles from people at the cutting edge of thought that inspire anyone regardless of their circumstances. I subscribed and donated it to another wing of the hospital. Every time I accompanied my wife on a follow-up appointment, I read the latest version and I was impressed with how many pages and tidbits had been torn out each time. The subscription card was always removed and that is about as good a testimony as there is.

When I finished writing Three Simple Steps, I felt The Intelligent Optimist should feature the book in some way. To me they seemed perfect bedfellows. I contacted their marketing department but got the cold shoulder. I emailed their advertising agency but never heard back. I even encouraged my publisher’s marketing manager to reach out to them, but she either did not think it a good fit, or never got around to it.

In Three Simple Steps I make the point that the harder we try to make something happen the less likely it is to occur because we are focusing attention and thought-energy on what is wrong, not happening or missing. Instead we should focus on what we want and let life fill in the details. In this case I was going against my own advice. No one is perfect. I screw up on mentality lessons all the time. The secret is to realize it and change a little something.

After Three Simple Steps was launched I got so busy with other media that I forgot all about The Intelligent Optimist. Out of the blue in November, the publisher’s marketing manager sent me an email in which she said she had mistakenly sent a copy of Three Simple Steps to The Intelligent Optimist instead of the new book they were launching in that month. The CEO, Jurriaan, had called them and asked for my contact details. Lesson: The harder we don’t try, the easier things become. Life likes a free hand.

A few weeks later I enjoyed lunch with Jurriaan here in Seattle. (The Intelligent Optimist only runs articles on people they have met face to face.) As expected Jurriaan reflected the authenticity of the articles I had read over the previous years. He is a man genuinely interested in expanding awareness of consciousness. At first he seemed a little leery and cynical about yet another “self-help guru,” but I hope soon accepted that I was just another lad from Liverpool, and with an important message that everyone can reinvent themselves, and it is never too late.

During the lunch he mentioned that he found the copy of Three Simple Steps in a pile of newly launched books. Apparently they receive dozens of books every week, and they pile up on a nondescript table waiting to be read by anyone who has the rarest of commodities… time. Jurriaan was heading out the door to the airport, fished into the pile, and there was just something about the blandness of the cover that attracted him. Finally, the connection I Intended (and had fortunately stopped trying to make happen) was made.

Following the publication of the article is the opportunity to take part in three 90-minute online seminars that somehow Jurriaan got me to agree to. I can tell you that you will not find me on any speaking circuit or book signings. I turn down countless offers primarily because I don’t need to put myself through the experience when I can spend the same time comfortably at home with my wife and family of animals. I also turn down offers because the motivational source is self-serving to the organizers or speakers. Those things are usually about making money or selling products, neither of which are Intentions of mine today. The Intelligent Optimist is different. The purpose of these seminars is primarily to bring their readers and thought-leaders closer together in order to expand everyone’s awareness and skills to take control of life’s experiences. At this point I  don’t even know what format they will take, but I do know they will be interactive, and offer you a unique opportunity to get insight and answers to questions. It will also be fun because the Three Simple Steps has a sense of fun and excitement at its core. There is nothing more fun than learning how to be a more effective wizard.

I used to be intimidated by those at the top of the pyramid at work and social structures, because I thought they had skills, knowledge, and… well, just something that I did not. I encounter that intimidation from the opposite side today when people who have known me a long time at soccer or in a local restaurant, suddenly find out somehow that I am a multi-millionaire and best-selling writer. Their attitude to me changes, and the comfortable camaraderie disappears. Many suddenly seem to feel intimidated and view me differently. It is a shame, but understandable because we are conditioned to an “us and them” mentality.

If I could go back in time with the confidence I have today I would never have wasted all those years feeling intimidated by the “us and them.” One of the main benefits you will get from these seminars is the confidence from interacting with a multi-millionaire and realizing he is absolutely no different from you. You will see that the Three Simple Steps is a real map or recipe that works for everyone, and is not some self-important,  self-help guru or management consultant desperate to sell his or her books. I believe it will be the best investment you ever make in yourself, and the profit The Intelligent Optimist makes will only benefit further expansion of consciousness awareness. It could be the only live seminar I ever do. Who knows?

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Looking forward to it!

  2. Michelle says:

    I’m absolutely thrilled!!!!

  3. Gina Citoli says:

    The link would not work.. Would love to know more about this! Thanks this post was an answer to my prayers!!

  4. Kelly says:

    Can not sign onto this site… I have been trying since 9 am and now it is 3:20pm. Please help!

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