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cay 2Hello Everyone,

Lots of emails this week and mainly from Europe. It is not for me to influence your Intentions, but if you have never visited Europe, it is a good one to have. Of course, there is no such place as Europe as the name is just a label for a governmental system. Every country within that administrative ******* (Europeans fill in the blank with your favorite expletive) is as different as chalk and cheese. Oh, the cheese… and the wine… now I am salivating.

I digress. I would like to share one of the emails in particular because it is from a recent reader of Three Simple Steps who, without calling her self-developed mental approach over the last few years the same, has been practicing them for some time. The underlining and parentheses are from me:

…  Your book made me realize that I have already practiced part of your method, the wizard is strong in me! Since almost 8 years I have my own business, after having been a secretary for 13 years. I wanted out of that career and I tried all sorts of things but it didn’t work. I knew that something within me was holding me back so one night, about 10 years ago, I did a visualization to change careers. I still didn’t know what it was going to be but I made it as specific as possible, describing how I would work and with financials and all, and I added the phrase “and I am willing to experience whatever it takes to get there”. And POOF 4 weeks later I was home on sick leave, with a burnout. Which turned out to be a blessing (way of the winding staircase) because that is when I started (my company). It was scary at the time, letting go of securities, but I was experiencing what it took.

Then I did it again 3 years ago, acquiring our current big house where we can work from home in peace… I made it into an Intention sort of, even making it this specific house because I had seen it on the internet. I dreamt this house happening, I could see us living there. Looking back I can see that it was a very close time frame that made it all possible but I knew when to jump. So now I am ready for the big stuff

 It also means changing yourself in such a way that your old self/world is no longer possible. It is gone and even though my life changed for the better in many ways, it was a bit weird, but also a triumph because it is awesome to let go of old patterns. And also I got a lot of aggravation from others because they were mad/annoyed that I  was no longer doing my part in my old role in their life. (guilt throwing) So several people fell to the wayside in my life so to speak. The changes came in all sizes, big and small, and in most cases the shift was very easy. Because I had changed, everything else followed…

It was a pleasure to get an email from a fellow wizard, and I hope sharing the words about practicing the steps well before reading about them in a book adds testimony and validation to the power of following this map that I call the Three Simple Steps. That is just a catchy title to help remember the simplicity, but the effect as you have read here is real.






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