Don’t let Employees drag you down

Posted by Trevor on 21 May 2012 | Post a Comment

Employees are an essential part of any business; they have the ability to either make you or break you. Someone who is not up to par is a wasted resource and not worth your company’s time or money. As difficult as it may be, it is incredibly important to cut out the bad apple, because no company can afford to keep an unsatisfactory employee.

When given the choice of firing an employee with outstanding skills and a poor attitude or an employee with mediocre skills and a tremendously positive attitude, I would fire them both. You could not possibly make me choose between either candidate because they are equally a complete drain of resources on the company. Both a bad attitude and underperformance constitute a deficit, and neither have a place in a successful company. That one person has the potential to bring others within the company down, and that is not justifiable.

Firing someone is not a pleasant experience, but it is critical that you are brave enough to do what is best not only for the company but for the individual. In their current position, they are square pegs in round holes, and it is necessary to encourage them to find another opportunity that is better suited to their talents. I have never hesitated in firing people, because sometimes they need that wake up call. Additionally, you have an obligation to your investors and your customers; in business, there is no room for sentiment.

It is much easier to fire a contractor as opposed to an employee in a classic office environment. It is rare that anyone wants to get involved with lawsuits; therefore, a contractor will typically accept the terms and walk away. However, in a typical environment, an employee that quite obviously deserves to get fired will be given second, third and fourth chances, due to the number of systems in place. In some cases, these systems are there to ensure proper practices, but it can also make it impossible to eliminate the bad apple.

The firing process has its tribulations, but in the end it can be a great sense of relief. Nevertheless, the best scenario is when that person voluntarily leaves..It allows the individual time to reevaluate their position in life as well as find another job. Neither party will benefit from maintaining a condition of underperformance. Firing an individual who is simply not a good fit can establish a better direction for all involved, leading your company to higher levels of functioning.

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