Can Someone Motivate You?

Posted by Trevor on 20 August 2012 | 1 Comment

I believe that motivation is developed from within, but that is not to say that someone cannot motivate you. Other people can ignite that spark inside of you that you might not even be fully aware of. You may be inspired by other people or circumstances, both good and bad, but that motivation has to come from within.

I have lived my adult life motivated entirely to see my wife smile. It is because of her that I am in America, and she is also the reason I started my own company. Three times in her life she has been told that she only had months to live. Three times she has defied the prognosis. Each event has a way of making you appreciate being in the moment, and that every moment counts. This is the perfect example of being motivated by someone else to perform at a higher level. Her desires became mine because I wanted to see that smile one more time. She has smiled a lot in the last thirty years.

My mother was also a motivating factor in my life. She made me believe that I could make something of myself regardless of my background. Although we were living in poverty my mother never stopped insisting that I could be anything I wanted to be. She motivated me to do more with my life, and it is obvious that her words had a profound effect.

There may not always be an inspirational source like my wife or a leader like my mother in your life, but there is still a way to ignite that motivation in your solar plexus. It is simply how you react to the circumstances around you that makes a difference. Autobiographies of self-made men and women such as CJ Walker and Samuel Colt resonated with me because if they could find success after such a hard start in life, well so could I. The careers guide at school laughed at my desires. Teachers made fun of me. History’s heroes inspired me to prove my doubters wrong. Wanting to prove someone wrong is a strong source of motivation.

Whether to make them happy, to make them proud, or to make them eat their words, motivation can certainly be found in someone else.

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  1. Coral Levang says:

    Some call me, “motivational.” I present the argument that I cannot motivate others, but that each is responsible for motivating oneself.

    As a storyteller, I trust that the words that I share from my heart will resonate with those ready and open to hear them. In that way, others have opened themselves up to be inspired by what those words mean to them using their “individual mentality,” if I may borrow your words.

    One’s words may inspire others; however, each makes a personal choice whether (or not) to act upon the connections made. Therein lies the inability of the deliverer to be the motivator.

    Perhaps, it is all a matter of semantics; we may be saying the same thing using a slightly different framework.

    I am thoroughly enjoying reading your book, which I received as a birthday gift two weeks ago.

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