Monday Morning Medicine Podcast: How to become Dr Doolittle.

Posted by Trevor on 2 March 2015 | 12 Comments

Happy Monday morning everyone: Lots of emails received recently about profound experiences with TSS and animal communication. In this podcast is a reminder of how the process works and how simple it can be. Speaking of animals here is a link to our new non-profit animal rescue center as mentioned in the podcast. Fluffs The …Continue Reading

Monday Morning Medicine Podcast: The Importance of Being Ready for Success

Posted by Trevor on 18 January 2015 | 7 Comments

Happy Monday morning everyone. By popular request Albert and Mavis also say happy Monday morning. Three Simple Steps hit #1 in entrepreneurship on Amazon and #2 in several other categories this week. Thanks for all the support. All my proceeds go to cancer R&D. For TSS support downloads go to downloads page. Cheers Trev …Continue Reading

Monday Morning Medicine Podcast: A provoking thought for thanksgiving

Posted by Trevor on 23 November 2014 | 4 Comments

Happy Monday morning everyone. Who has it right? Glutonists, Black Friday maniacs or the harvesters? . . For “A helping hand” set of downloads please visit Downloads Cheers Trev Play in new window | Download

Our lives are not meant to be a struggle, but a joyful trip, and I hope this book can help you realize that.
Three Simple Steps

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