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Posted by Trevor on 30 July 2012 | 1 Comment

Excerpt From “Three Simple Steps”:

Begin and end your day with positive thoughts. Before you go to sleep at night, thank yourself for a great day. When you wake up, the first words in your head should be, “I feel absolutely fantastic and I know today will be brilliantly successful for me.” Through reading biographies of many self-made men and women, I have picked up this strategy which has worked successfully for me, and tried to pass along to others along the way.

From a young age, I have always thought if something worked for successful and self-made men and women, then it is not going to hurt me to try. If it doesn’t work for me, I’ll throw it out and try something else, but I’ve got nothing to lose by giving it a go. I once read how Thomas Edison began and ended his days with a positive thought, and things seemed to work out quite well for him. So, many years ago I introduced the simple idea into my schedule and I’ve never regretted it either.

When I lie in bed, I have a simple conversation in my mind in which I thank myself for getting through another day, and I focus on all of the positive things that happened throughout the course of the day. I recognize I did my best with the knowledge available to me at the time, and I tell myself that tomorrow will be even better. When I admit this to people they often think I have gone loopy, but it works and I find this more effective than allowing my mind to go crazy by contemplating the various aspects of the day that I would like to change if I could. These are the last thoughts I have when I go to sleep – before the magic takes place – and I would rather have that magic working on something positive.

In the morning, like Edison, I make sure the first thought I have is a positive one. Because I am one of those people who wake instantly and leap out of bed, I have to make myself repeat a positive phrase, and sometimes out loud. I find it really sets the tone for the day, and it doesn’t matter if I don’t actually feel as good as the words. Once they sink in, I feel much better.

I have a particular memory of a former co-worker who was not much of a morning person and really had a negative attitude. He was one of my most difficult challenges at the time, and I shared with him my experience in positive self-talk throughout the day. He laughed at me at the time, but a few weeks went by, and I noticed a complete transformation in his attitude. He was happy, smiling and much more enjoyable to be around. He told me that he took my advice and began talking to himself out loud. Although it felt a little crazy for him at first, he admitted that rather than waking up grumpy about spending the day doing a job he didn’t enjoy, he was having fantastic days and enjoyed a huge boost of positive energy.

As simple as it may seem, these positive thoughts are most helpful during tough times, when you need them most. Whereas some people take their coffee in the morning for energy, words and thoughts create energy as well. While they are just words, they can serve you a powerful dose of energy when you need it, especially when you feel your life is stuck in quicksand. If a small technique, such as reserving a few moments to yourself in the mornings and evenings to give yourself a boost of positivity are able to get you out of the quicksand, then what are you waiting for?


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  1. Joan Curto says:

    Great post Trevor and just what I needed to read and hear and put into practice. What do they say about when the student is ready… Thanks and look forward to your book.

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