Audio Version of Three Simple Steps Now Available

Posted by Trevor on 14 February 2013 | 3 Comments


Three Simple Steps

Hi folks,

Several people have asked about an audio version of Three Simple Steps.

It has just been released by and you can order it here:






  1. Ryan says:

    YAAAAAY! This is great! I know I clicked the button for the audio version on Amazon. Thanks for making this happen, Trevor. One of my top three favorite things to do is listen to a great book while running. My brain seems to embed the information more deeply…

    For anyone interested in sharing their own techniques on how to best internalize the teachings/lessons of a book, Im sure there are a few of us who would love to hear what you do. For myself, I download both the audio and kindle version of the book. I listen to it while I run and then read a chapter or two at night before bed, highlighting the information that I want to retain. When finished with both versions, I copy and paste all of the highlights (found on the Kindle website) into a word document. I’ll read over everything a chapter at a time and rewrite the highlights into my own summary. By the end, I feel I have internalized and put into practice all that I wished to retain…

    Take care and happy listening…


  2. Marie says:

    Hi Trevor,
    I’m reading your book and am thrilled you have an audio version, however I don’t want to purchase a downloaded version to my smart phone or tablet. Any plans for a CD version?

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