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Posted by Trevor on 21 September 2012 | 1 Comment

If you were to be with me these days when I watch or play my favorite sport, which is soccer, you would think I had never even read Three Simple Steps, let alone written it. It is the one thing I do in which I let my spontaneous thoughts and emotions rule for most of the 90 minutes. I get a reminder of what can happen in life when I don’t control how I react to my thoughts. I do it on purpose because it is healthy to let our hair down from time to time and off the soccer field the constant vigil of controlling mentality can be tiring. It is good to take a break.

I love soccer. You can learn so much from what happens while playing any sport, applying what you learn to life. We have heard a million different sporting analogies, and we will probably use them from time to time. Everyone who plays a sport has a favorite moment.

Looking back, there are several moments that have really inspired or taught me something important. One time I imagined scoring a brilliant goal about 15 seconds before I scored it. I have to look a long way back to recall scoring any goal that I could term as brilliant, but the scene happened exactly as I had played it out in my mind. I remember thinking after the match about just how powerful imagination is and how quickly thought energy can be converted into our reality. I was on the top corner edge of the box when the ball came to me off the head of a defender, all of which I had pictured in my mind I then hit the ball on the full volley mid-air, and it went into the top corner just like I envisioned. It was an exhilarating feeling, and a brief glimpse of how much fun can be had when we imagine success and then watch the reality turn up.

Soccer is a great game, because you learn the importance of working together as a team. But most games are won by a piece of individual brilliance. It is individualism that makes the difference between winning or not. Same in life. That is why step one of Three Simple Steps is so critical when you want to reinvent yourself. Once you reconnect with that pioneering spirit inside you can finally stand out of the crowd.

Right now I am still having the best time; playing soccer when I am 50 years old. It is hilarious to be a part of and even funnier for our friends and families to watch. Our team is called STINAD (Screw this I need a drink) and we play in a league with other well-named teams like Swollen Joints and One for the Road. In our bright yellow and black uniforms with our inevitable middle-aged girth, we look like a bunch of confused bumblebees chasing a leather-clad queen, but everyone has fun and gets a fitness boost along with the life-lessons.

The funniest part of the game is when someone scores a goal and everyone goes to high five one another. In some cases stomachs touch before hands do, and it just makes us laugh out loud; we can’t help it. Perhaps one of the most important things soccer teaches us is not to take yourself too seriously.

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  1. deric says:

    great story Trev. Makes me want to rejoin you all on the pitch.

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