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I am so glad that I joined the course. It was great to extend upon the knowledge gained from TSS. It feels like the beginning of something very special! Seeing the comments from others around the world added to the excitement.

The first class was so much fun, I have scheduled another Physics of Success class, for August 4, 11, 18, 25, each 2-hour module starting at 6 pm PST. All modules are recorded and made available the next day. 

 After The Physics of success I feel well and truly wakened from a dream! 

This course is powerful and not for those afraid of change or who fear challenges to their belief system. Only invest in this if you are ready for a mind-opening experience.

 mind expanding, profound, personable. clear and seemingly simple, but with ramifications quite complex. This course has been inspiring for me. I’ve found myself looking forward to it all week and leave it completely energized and excited.

The course is hosted and run by me with no strict time limit. In Webinar format, it is a multi-media experience using live camera, video clips and audio recordings to bridge ancient wisdom with modern scientific understanding of how to better interact with the field of energy in which you float.

The moment Module ends I start feeling different. I remind myself everyday to live the moment. I am much more confident, and stopped worrying about the future. Our life now, and how it can be, depends on us. I am deeply grateful for showing me this!

There is no other course like this anywhere. 


Incredible! There are many supposedly gurus pitching their systems and beliefs that cover only a fraction (at most) of this course.


Between modules attendees can interact with me directly which is particularly helpful for Intention work.

This course has been an eye opener. I now understand why ESP works. Life and science should be taught this way. You are very good at simplifying complex subjects

Attendees receive permanent recordings of each module, additional MP3 copies of each recording, a full guided TQT MP3, and a multi-media Intentions guide.

Very informative, very inspiring. I liked the added movies it gave it an extra understanding. But most important, i think i grasp it! Finally! I get it! I feel like running and jumping off a cliff and floating away on laughter.

Attendees of class 1 and attendees of the Intelligent Optimist hosted course (time restraints, no interaction between modules) may also attend for a reduced price of $150. Simply use the “send money” option at Paypal and send to

A fascinating experience taking shape as we speak. You have put much more time and thought into this than you have charged. 

It is a bargain. Class 1 raised >$30,000 for cancer R&D. Class 2 (Intelligent Optimist) had 315 attendees most of whom chose the course as their membership entitled one-free-course per year option and raised $0. I do this for free, for fun, and for the blast of hanging out with attendees whose lives change in ways they never imagined.

 The course was fantastic. After reading the book, I felt transformed. After the module, my sense of purpose is stronger and more clear.

If you are serious about having a better life, then there is only one decision to make.

 I find your course tremendously exciting. I like your word—”awestruck.” I’m definitely awestruck. 

Go to View the trailer. Read attendee comments. Register.

baby First and foremost, thank you so much for this wonderful course and for sharing it with all of us… the results have been mind blowing. I’ve done quite a bit of work in leadership and self development over the last 7 years, and you really have something going on with this course and TSS. I am getting personal benefits from this in a big way. it’s really opening up a side of me that’s been dormant since being a child, and it’s resulting in a more powerful what of being.





  1. Jeff Jones says:

    Hi Trevor,

    Let me first say that since reading TSS and practicing the steps I’m finally seeing parts of me I haven’t seen in a long time. Breaking knee-jerk negativity and cynicism is not an overnight process but I’m definitely making progress by noticing it more and choosing a different reaction whenever I can. I look for the Magical Practice of Intention to help me along even further!

    I’m glad that you were able to help out the Intelligent Optimists by encouraging sign ups but disappointed that more money wasn’t raised in so doing. I also didn’t realize that your course and the IO course were any different until I read this post.

    I look forward to continuing my TSS journey and the remaining modules of the Magical Practice of Intention course.


  2. Hi Trevor,

    I did not realise either that the course run via The Optimist would not raise any fund for the Cancer Research project (however, thinking about it actually makes this obvious as they have to cover their own subscription etc.) so only too happy to join the August class for which I’ll transfer money to you right away as per your instructions. I was actually away travelling when the second class was presented via The Optimist so missed it. Is there a link for a replay? I also purchased the Intention Guide and MP3 copy but used my gmail address.

    Looking forward to the journey ahead and more than anything, being able to interact in between modules with you and other participants.


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