ALERT! Beware the Super Bowl Trap

Posted by Trevor on 1 February 2013 | 4 Comments

Excerpt from Three Simple Steps

 Ninety million people tuned into the recent (2012) Super Bowl halftime show to see a bunch of advertisements. Most of them probably thought it harmless entertainment and themselves immune to its impact. The average cost of a thirty-second commercial was three million dollars. Throughout the game more than one hundred commercials aired. In one advertisement I counted the word debt mentioned ten times in thirty seconds. If that advertisement was played five times during the game, it pressed four and a half billion footprints of debt-thought into the ether, all of which, by the law of nature, (E=MC2) must return back into the lives of those who generated them.

            In an average year, a five-year old sees forty thousand media advertisements. How does that impact a child’s unguarded state of mind? Over a lifetime, how has that impacted adult mentality? Statistics show that advertising expenditure for debt reduction programs and weight loss products has grown exponentially in the last few years. At the same time personal debt is at unprecedented levels, and obesity is a national issue. But which came first?

      I know many people who tune into the game just to see the commercials. The light-hearted and celebratory elements turn the half time attack on your brain into some kind of festival. Just because a commercial makes you laugh does not mean it has less impact. Advertisers don’t spend $3 million just to entertain you or to remind you of their brand. They invest to impact your mentality and manipulate your behavior. That is fine and how our commercial world works, but what you have to remember is the power of the thoughts those commercials generate in your mind, and what happens to the energy when it converts to matter and comes back to you.

If you are frustrated by debt turn away when those credit card commercials come on. If you are unhappy with your appearance, hit the mute button before those weight-loss commercials make you focus on what you don’t want and cause you to trigger unhelpful thought energy. Not happy with your relationship? Avoid those online dating ads.

Your life is at stake. It is that serious.

I wouldn’t want to spoil anyone’s enjoyment of the game, but if you are serious about taking control of your mentality, you must have the discipline to restrict what you expose your brain to. When the commercials come on, the best reaction is to step outside for some fresh air, and break that connection between the TV reminder of what is wrong or missing in your life, and your 100 billion neurons that would otherwise hardwire to it.


Just a friendly reminder. Cheers and enjoy the game.


  1. Penelope Williams says:

    I have a new HERO! You! Thank you for the book, for the words of encouragement, and for just sharing what you’ve learned. I’m reading your book now, and with little baby steps I am going to change and enjoy the process. I read somewhere that children don’t have fear because they don’t have a tape running in their heads about what could go wrong. When I read it, it reminded me of your book, at least what I’ve read so far. And yes, my sister asked if I had noticed how the commercials were always pointing out acid indigestion, hair loss, fat, bizarre illnesses that you wonder if you indeed HAVE! It’s madness! And I generally mute the commercials while I read : )

  2. james says:

    Love the book, so far. Controlling your mind, thoughts and stimuli… simple but not easy. Takes practice and discipline.
    Wish it was in audio format. Have you thought of making an audio version? What’s do you charge for coaching, and what does your program entail?

    • Trevor says:

      James has the rights and it is in the works. They do not have a launch date but they say very soon… whatever that means. Cheers

  3. Nancy says:

    Trevor, being in the field of PR, and advertising, I am a captive viewer of all sorts of advertising. During the SuperBowl, I “shielded” myself by participating in a Twitter conversation using the hashtag “BrandBowl” to critique and discuss the ads with some of the top PR and marketing executives in the field across the US….it was a great way to distance myself from the assault and impact! Of course, the lovely Clydesdale Budweiser commercial comes top to mind (of what I let in)….and the Jeep/USO commercial was the 2nd I let drift over me. I am in a dichotomy at this time in my career and life – forced to play in this field of competitive lure for the consumer’s attention for my clients, and desperately wanting to say ‘enough’, ‘it is time’….so I choose to write as my escape and to ease the assault by turning down the volume when I can. Being an observer and a 3rd person helps me to do that – but also makes me a tad schizophrenic in life – in a good way….;)

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