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After I sold my second company, I thought a personal time-out was warranted. I had just turned (ahem) years old, and I had been employed since I was seventeen. I announced to my wife that I was taking a sabbatical to decide what I want to be when I grow up.

She gave me that look that only women can.

After two weeks of pacing the floors, she warned me that if I did not start something new she would murder me.

Again with that look!

So, I wrote Three Simple Steps.

I thought it was a good idea because it is the plan that I have followed since I was living in a derelict house with a mother dying of cancer and a father terminally unemployed. My wife thought it a great idea because it kept me out from under her feet.

Three Simple Steps got me out of the quicksand… you know that sensation… you know you can be free, you know you are more than “this,” but it is just too comfortable to stay where you are and not upset anyone. Then you feel stressed with guilt for not trying harder to get out.

Your head says, “I know I can, but I can’t… because…” and the stress piles up.

Change is scary. So I wrote Three Simple Steps as a way of giving back (and staying alive).

Three Simple Steps is an authentic plan, and I feel blessed to have stumbled on it when reading (as a teenager) the autobiographies of the rich and famous. I mean the real rich and famous… the self-made… forget charlatans like Napoleon Hill and people who claim to be self-help gurus when their only success is the fact that their book or course caught on… I am talking about real people who actually built things, invented things, made a difference in people’s lives and succeeded, and not someone like Hill who on his deathbed was dirt poor and who wrote the secret to finding and keeping your soulmate the week before she divorced him.

Yes, that’s right, I am telling you that Think and Grow Rich, that book that has sold 70 million copies, is not worth the price of the paper on which it is printed. It is snake oil.

Three Simple Steps is the real deal. I don’t care one iota if you buy it. I don’t need the money. If you do buy it then rest assured that all my proceeds from your $10 or less purchase goes to cancer R&D.

I wrote and launched Three Simple Steps in late 2012. I have not invested a dime in marketing, and much to my chagrin neither has the publisher. By word of mouth alone Three Simple Steps has been a New York Times bestseller three times and translated into Chinese, Spanish and eight other languages. That should be the only testimonial needed.

Three Simple Steps and the associated courses will change your life. Most personal success material makes you feel better about the life you live when what you really need is a better life. Three Simple Steps and the courses are practical guides.


Our lives are not meant to be a struggle, but a joyful trip, and I hope this book can help you realize that.
Three Simple Steps

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