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Thank you for visiting our website. Many of you may have purchased one or more business and life inspiration books already, and found they had less benefit in your life than you hoped. So, why is this one different?

I have taught these steps to individuals and groups for many years, but never in such a concise format. BenBella Books, the publisher, must take much of the credit for helping to map my mind onto its pages. It has always been a joy to see how people’s lives are transformed as a result of making these three simple lifestyle changes.

After selling my second company in 2011, the idea of a year-long sabbatical appealed to me. After pacing the floors of our home for the first few weeks, my wife was ready to commit murder. Desperate to get me out from under her feet, I was dispatched to the airport to pick up some visitors.  I browsed the book kiosk in the baggage claim area.

A new self-help book was being heavily advertised. The author’s coiffed head with scary white teeth leered at me from the cover as divine rays from a window lit him up like a beacon. I almost threw up my decaffeinated, fat-free latte (which earlier the Barista had laughingly called out to a colleague, “One Tall Why Bother” .)

Much to my wife’s relief, I decided in that moment that it was time to end the sabbatical. It is high time for an authentic business and life inspiration book; one written by someone whose only advantage has been practicing what he writes about. That is why Three Simple Steps is different. It is authentic. The advice works and I am living proof of it. Within four months of launch it hit the New York Times business bestseller list at #7 and I had received over 500 emails from around the world… not one-liners, but 2-3 pages each… describing how the sender’s life has been transformed. Almost everyone who writes to me says they purchased additional copies to give to friends and family. That is the real power of authenticity. It is so rare that people want to share it.

Even some of the best known books in this genre were written by people whose success only came when the book took off for whatever reason. The top ones were simply cleverly marketed. Even if some of the information is useful, there remains a question of credibility. So, to round off the authenticity, I don’t need the money or to promote the book.

Any media support I do is totally by choice and because I believe in the power of the steps. I am not at all comfortable doing media interviews because in our cynical world, and under the pressure of time between commercials, I can sound just like yet another self-loving, self-help Guru. There are some quality interviews, hosted by people whose only mission is to make a positive difference in people’s life, and you can listen or see them on the multimedia page on this site.

All my profits from the book go directly to cancer R&D. That means not into the pockets of some highly paid executive who runs a charity, but directly into the laboratory at a unique project called Neovia Oncology where you can be sure it is making a difference. Neovia has no employees, expenses or facility and the costs of R&D are entirely funded by the two founders, yours truly and Raymond Su, a wonderful man I met in 2006 in China. With a team of scientist volunteers, we are developing highly promising cancer treatments without the side effects normally associated with cancer drugs. From invention to phase I clinical trials usually costs up to $40 million, but a lot of that cost goes into the expensive infrastructure of a traditionally structured company. With our virtual model we expect to achieve the same milestone for about 20% of that.

I have also donated a free copy of Three Simple Steps to every library in the Unites States for a reason that will become obvious when you read the story. Many of the reader feedback e-mails are from people who found the book at their local branch.

All I ask in exchange for sharing the Three Simple Steps is that you return to the forum on this site, or to my attached blog where you can find lots of helpful articles and my “Monday Morning Medicine” podcasts, and share with others the exciting breakthroughs and adventures you experience from implementing the Three Simple Steps.


Our lives are not meant to be a struggle, but a joyful trip, and I hope this book can help you realize that.
Three Simple Steps

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