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Posted by Trevor on 30 January 2017 | 19 Comments

Thirteen years ago… crikey it hurts to think about how long that is… a stranger turned up in my life. How he got here is a complicated story, but he brought an idea for developing cancer treatments. Dozens of people had dismissed his idea, but as I had for a very long time been seeking such an idea I knew life had thrown us together. He is from China, and I am from England. We had absolutely nothing in common, but are now as close as brothers. In fact he tells me often that he is my older brother, and I think of him and his family as my own.

With no experience to rely on we set about turning his idea into something real. He has an unfounded faith in my ability to pull it off, and I am mostly desperate and motivated to avoid letting him down.

I have lost count of the number of investors and scientific “experts” who have dismissed our project over the years, most quite harshly. Fortunately, just as I was running out of funds another complete stranger showed up to share the burden of cost. Three brothers now and not one of us really knowing what we were doing. This might come over as false humility, but it is all true. A sales guy, a textile manufacturer, and a practicing doctor.

Along the way, what we thought we were creating changed into something else. We changed direction with it, and then it grew into something else again. What started out as an idea that might one day help a few people has morphed into what I call a “company maker.” It has huge potential.

So what? Well, it is another example of what can happen if we set huge Intentions and blindly go after them. Amazing people show up, and then life fills in the details and suddenly something even bigger evolves.

More importantly, however, I mention it because every one of you reading this has also been part of the creation and the journey so far. Everyone who bought a copy of TSS contributed cash directly into the project. Once connected, always connected. That is a law of quantum physics. Distance or anonymity do not exists at the quantum level. Just a thought in the direction of another creates a connection that is indestructible throughout all time. Everyone who purchased a support file, or the physics of success course, or the recordings has contributed whatever you paid into this creation. Others contributed technical support and talent to make TSS, or the files and recordings, or the websites more professional (I am a very amateurish techie), which in turn makes them more attractive to new readers and wizards. TSS is published in Spanish and Chinese only because new wizards made it happen. All of you inadvertently got connected to this project as a result.

As a total dollar amount, it is but a tiny fraction of the budget… less than one tenth of one tenth of one percent. Here, however, is the main point. I decided to use the money for a specific and additional laboratory test. The test was considered in the “nice to have, but not essential data” category, and I could not justify that cost out of the main budget. You can guess the rest, but I still want to state it. That one additional test is what opened the door to change this project from something interesting but niche into something that becomes a company maker. That one additional test was made possible by every TSS reader.

In TSS I often make the point that we cannot predict the pathway forward, but we can always trace it in retrospect. In retrospect I can already say… “if I hadn’t decided to write TSS, that extra funding would never have been there, so the extra test would never have been done, and the project would have faded into…” Yet, it all seems perfectly divined now.

This week, I sent out a press release. Typically, I resist press releases because they do little for a privately-funded start-up. Now that we have a company maker, however, we need company-making venture funding. So, I decided to send up a flare and let life fill in the details. I attach the release here and I hope you all click on it and read it, because you are as important in its creation. Who knows whether it was one person’s purchase of the course, or another person’s purchase of the audio version of TSS that finally triggered a sum that caught my eye because it exactly matched the quote I had for the extra test, a quote I had sat on for four years, a quote I received the same month TSS was published.

Seattle Biotech Neovia Begins Clinical Trial for Immunotherapy Enhancing Cancer Drug



  1. This is such fantastic news, congratulations and very best wishes for tremendous success in this wonderful endeavor!

  2. Win says:

    Trev, glad to hear from you again. Since the last podcast in 2015, I have not stopped looking for more ‘stuff’ from you, refreshing the podcast feed on my phone, checking the website, sometimes just googling your name and delighted to find a video clip of your backyard 🙂

    I had suspected your decision to go silent (and suspected correctly.) I had done something similar for the past year as well, and I have to say it’s quite refreshing to quit!

    On the other hand, thank you for letting me (us) know that we’ve helped. Just simply knowing we’ve contributed in some way to the grander, more meaningful ventures you’re doing, makes me happier. And who knows, maybe just one more podcast, or one more blogpost may inspire and spark something in someone’s mind to change their life forever.

  3. Mauricio S. says:

    Just like the previous two comments. I am overjoyed to hear your success and the way it came about…. wink wink.. The universe, life, has a perfect way of supporting our dreams and visions, however large they might be if claim them with our every action and trust(know) with every fiber of our being that it will be so….
    Your sharing inspires me and I am sure many others to continue and persevere in our envisioning the way you shared in TSS with our added unique energy…
    One of this moments You and I will be connecting in a similar partnership with my own project or vision…. Looking forward to to it. In the meantime sending you added love, energy and gratitude!!!!!!!

  4. George Levy says:


    I missed you man. So glad to read from you again and to see you are still embodying the Three Simple Steps you shared with us… I read your post right after finishing my daily 20 minute meditation session (a ritual I started over a year ago thanks to TSS.)

    Thanks for sharing of yourself again.

    Wishing you and your loved ones the absolute best,

    George Levy

    PS – Blown away by all the coincidences. #WindingStaircase

  5. Gail Cassidy says:

    Congratulations, Trevor. Another excellent example of following the three simple steps!! You are a wonderful example to us who follow you, especially by including the “lows” that we all can relate to in our own pursuits. Good luck in the pursuit of a cure for cancer–talk about a huge goal!!! Very impressive press release!!

  6. Anastasia says:

    Thank you, Trevor. You moved me to tears (of joy). Best of luck on this new endeavor.

  7. Dean says:

    This is amazing news, Trevor, and the way that you provide the context is inspiring. Oddly enough, sharing TSS with a friend of a friend has created new opportunity in my world as well. QTM physics…
    Always happy to follow your thoughts, words and endeavors.
    Until the next time.

  8. Rob says:

    Incredible. Wonderful to see positive things like this happening.

  9. Deborah says:

    I have written (and deleted) a number of responses to this post. Sometimes less is more. I’m left with a big bear hug of a “thank you”. Your words elevate and inspire me and are just one of the many examples of your generosity of spirit. The post is also a beautiful science-based reminder of our interconnectedness. Somehow, I can’t be reminded enough about this fact. I cannot wait to see this cancer treatment on the market!

  10. Nick says:

    Cheers Trevor.
    Thanks for sharing this challenging journey with us whilst enabling us all to help (even a little).
    Success is on its way.

  11. Diane says:

    Yay! Congrats Trev – amazing. Glad to be a part of it. I am in awe of the connectivity.
    God bless you

  12. Faye Griffin says:

    You have been such a wonderful inspiration to me. It is incredible how Three Simple Steps has pushed me forward into wonderful creative writing I did not realize that I could accomplish! We are so happy with your successes with cancer drugs and hope all continues to develop so that all of humanity can be helped. You are my Hero.

    • Faye Griffin says:

      Dear Trevor: What is the smallest amount that a person can contribute to help with financing this drug development? We would be so honored to be able to donate something to help.
      Also, I know someone who has been given a “terminal” cancer diagnosis…Breast cancer that has spread. She is 51, and the drugs they put her on cause bad side effects. Can someone volunteer to be in your testing group?
      I love you and what you do. You are my Hero, big time!

      • Trevor says:

        Just by purchasing TSS or any of the downloads at Physicsofsuccess.net.

        The phase I trial is focused on advanced colon cancer and pancreatic cancer and potential participants go through a lengthy screening process at the trial sites. As the sponsor of the trial it is 100% hands off and we have no influence over the screening process.


        • Trevor says:

          If anyone following this thread has expertise in building websites please send me an email. Neoviaoncology.com needs serious work.


        • Faye Griffin says:

          Thanks so much….I will be giving TSS to several of my loved ones. It feels good to not only pass along fantastic information but also to know it is helping to pay for cancer drugs that are so needed. Thank you!

  13. Keith Klein says:

    Congratulations, Trevor A powerful and wonderfully illustrative example of “the winding steps”.

  14. Awesome and lets see what we all can do.


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