A Companion Video for Three Simple Steps. This is a must read/must see for you if you are serious about integrating TSS in your life.

Posted by Trevor on 15 November 2013 | 9 Comments

Hello Everyone, and a happy Thursday evening to all.

animal communicationI feel it is important for you to read this message if you are genuinely serious about having the best life experience.

Today I thoroughly enjoyed a two-hour online video interview with someone who is committed to making a difference in the lives of others, and consequently in her own life too. We  could have chatted for another two hours, and perhaps will do so again.

I am not a trained speaker and certainly do not have the polished delivery of a Wayne Dyer or his like, so out of pure enthusiasm for getting the point across I tend to ramble and repeat myself. Sometimes… well okay oftentimes… I struggle to find the words to express a concept. I do so much prefer writing to talking.

Today I was asked a lot of questions about connectedness, especially why getting back into nature is so beneficial… and what about it is exactly beneficial. I sometimes feel like shouting “Because it just is. Trust me. Do it and you’ll get it.” I was asked about taking quiet time and how doing nothing permits greater connectedness… and connectedness to what exactly. What and where is the source of knowledge we are connecting to? “I don’t really know. Just do it and enjoy the benefit,” is not a satisfactory answer.

After the interview I had to go pick my car up from the dealership service depot. In the solitude of the drive back from the dealership, I thought about how I could describe what are innately deep and primitive knowings in a way that people who have boxed themselves off from that connectedness can grasp sufficiently to find the motivation to get reconnected. I came up empty.

I returned to my office and checked email. One was from a dear friend. It contained a link to a video and the simple words “This is unbelievably special.” We all get lots of such emails and who has the time to click on them and follow along? Something about this one stopped me from going to the next email. I clicked the link and to my immediate dismay saw that I had opened a documentary video that is all of fifty minutes long. Who has fifty minutes to watch something they had not planned to watch? Still, I felt compelled. I clicked the link.

From the first second to the last I was mesmerized. Here was perhaps the best visual validation of TSS. Our ability to reconnect, and the importance of it in our lives. I don’t want to steal the impact by describing what is in this video. It starts out slowly and like me you may wonder where it is going, but after about five minutes (no don’t skip) it takes you on a beautiful journey, and I believe it will inspire you to stick with TSS and understand the power or that reconnection. For me the time passed as if it were five minutes, and I felt that the video answered perfectly those questions I had struggled with earlier. Some of you may have seen this video before. I suggest you watch it again with eyes (and ears) wide open.

I cannot recommend highly enough that you make the time to watch this video. I suggest you watch it alone because it may speak to a part of you that can be closed off when you are in the company of others. Afterward I am 100% certain you will want to share it, but the benefit I think from a TSS perspective is to watch this in solitude.







  1. Valarie says:

    The video is amazing! I’ve not been one to understand the “big deal” about spending time in nature. I’ve proclaimed that I am an “indoor girl” as I cannot tolerate bugs. Through this video I have come to understand the importance of this connection. Somehow, I am going to introduce spending time in nature into my life. I believe it has been the missing piece in my life. Thank you for sharing!

  2. karen Roberts says:

    Your post on fb is so timely …and remin

  3. Laura says:

    Beautiful AND Inspiring!

  4. John says:

    Thanks, Trev, for recommending this video. I trust and respect your wisdom and insight, so watched the entire video. That last 5 minutes I was in tears. The message I took from this is that we are all connected and our communication transcends the domain of words and intellect. I know of Jon Young, but this opened my eyes to the extent of his and Anna’s connection to Spirit. I am also a skeptic in spite of decades of spiritual studies and witnessing of demonstrations of the presence of Super Natural connection. This adds yet another “proof” to the infinite nature of life, all life.
    Blessings and Gratitude,

  5. Mark says:

    In the past, if my wife was watching a movie like this on the TV, I would have buried my head in a business magazine or book. Having been engrossed with your work and the Three Simple Steps, I watched the movie in awe and suspended all disbelief due to your recommendation. I had goosebumps by the end of it. Ironically, I have been now “noticing” more articles about hard core business types who have consistently used meditation and spiritual exercises to bolster their success. Thanks again for passing on the recommendation. I would appreciate any other books or movies that you have read or seen that would help us in our using the TSS.


  6. Nicolle says:

    Hello Trevor,

    Driving up the coast from LA to Santa Barbara one weekend to take stock of the things I needed to change in my life, I was looking for music to listen to on the radio. However, I could only get semi-clear reception on a public radio station. Through the static, I listened to you being interviewed by Lisa Garr of the Aware Show. As a cancer survivor (20 years in six months), I was moved by the way in which you told the story of your mother and wanted to learn more about the book.

    After reading it, I slowly came to the realization that this was so familiar, in fact de ja vu. Over 20 years ago I was innately practicing your 3SS, first when the doctors told me on the terminal ward that I wasn’t going to live (controlling mentality – I was diagnosed on my 30th birthday and rather stubborn), taking QT, getting out in nature (that was actually mandatory as part of my recovery), and then setting an intention not only to survive, but to do everything on my bucket list, which I accomplished. I traveled the world, pursued my passions and lived as freely as I ever have in life.

    Seeing this beautiful video was a poignant reminder of how easily it is to fall out of step and disconnect from what is important. And although the things I took for granted – my creative, intuitive gifts, nature’s gifts – never turned their back on me, it appears that over the last several years I simply stopped cherishing them. I’m excited to reconnect with life on that level again.

    Taking the first step for me, really, was buying your book. I have underlined, bent pages, highlighted and recommended your book to friends, family and colleagues. 3SS manifests for me in many small ways, daily. Just last month my wizard wand manifested $1500 I needed for something in December. I simply wrote down the number on a post-it note and stuck it by the front door. I got an (unexpected) email a week ago from our CFO saying I was receiving a stock payout bonus from shares I received in 2007. How much? After taxes, $1600. I used the extra $100 to reward myself with a nice lobster and a good bottle of wine. Now my challenge is to think bigger. (But I won’t say it’s an intention – you didn’t hear that from me)

    Word of mouth is indeed a powerful tool to have in your toolbox. Those who are destined to read Three Simple Steps will find it. We just have to keep spreading the word. Now, back to the film…I need an encore viewing.

    Again, thank you for your book. It is perfection.


  7. Luis Rios says:

    Trevor , Thank you so much for your continued support on the journey.


  8. janine says:

    loved the animal communicator movie and have been sharing with others. beautiful people are here!

  9. germaine says:

    Hi Trevor,

    I have to tell you this is one of the most amazing films I’ve ever watched. I sobbed from the word go right through to the end. I live in South Africa. I am overwhelmed by emotion – having just been on safari again last month …. I know we are blessed with the most amazing wildlife and nature ……this is just incredible.

    I am an entrepreneur and I have felt a need for change for a long time, but am looking for answers for the next steps. Just last week a client went behind my back to clinch a sole- distribution deal for one of my most beloved products, so I need to do a lot of soul searching for the way forward and how and what needs to change in my life as this is just a gentle reminder that new and better things are waiting for me.

    Having watched this film I feel a strong need to leaving it all and going to communicate with animals! 🙂

    I have only stumbled across your website yesterday – would love to buy the book, I hope I can find it in SA ? I love what I’ve read so far on your site as I’m sure I was lead to you and your book to help me find some answers.

    You should check out Martha Beck and her book ‘Finding your way in a Wild new world’ – she also communicates with animals and you’ll find her stories fascinating (not sure if you do know of her perhaps)

    Lastly and on the films topic, my dog had to go in for a knee-operation about 2 years ago, the surgeon convinced me there’s absolutely no alternative but to operate but I refused to accept this.

    My friend did kinesiology on him and I still have the un-opened pain medication they gave me to use until the operation date, because he is 100% fine and didn’t need to go for the operation in the end. So it’s not only possible to communicate, but also to heal animals (and plants) energetically. (The emotional stuff that came up for him was beyond fascinating).

    Will chat again – apologies for the long response, but very happy to have found you.

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