An Intention Exercise

Posted by Trevor on 11 January 2013 | 4 Comments

IMG_0574An Intention Exercise

This week I received a few emails asking for more detail about Intentions. An Intention is a desire, dream or goal with all doubt about its achievement removed. It is a certainty, a given. To get it one has to raise emotional intelligence to the level of knowing. To get to a sense of knowing requires imagining everything about achieving the dream in vivid detail. Then it becomes a sort of “set it and forget it,” which is the catch phrase for one of my favorite commercials. I don’t watch commercials much, but I love this one about a small table-top grill named after a famous boxer. When the host approaches the steaming grill wearing gloves that were last seen changing the control rods of a nuclear reactor, I can’t help but laugh. The insulation of the thing is so poor that he pops a tray on the top and cooks some vegetables, turning a quality flaw into a sales feature. Classic!

I digress. The questions that came my way were along the lines of how to raise that sense of knowing. Then at lunch today the same topic came up, and I realized that there is a misunderstanding about what I mean when I talk of Intentions and imagination.

You could say “I intend to have a million dollars.” As your thought-energy, I would say “no problem, here is your $1 million.” I’ll go to the bank and bring you a stack of dollar bills equal to $1 million. Then you can stare at the stack for the rest of your life. You would argue that you didn’t mean that. What you meant was you wanted to spend or invest the $1 million or live the lifestyle of a millionaire. But you didn’t ask for that. All you said was “I Intend to have a million dollars.” I’m not the creator, I am just energy. You are the creator, so create. Tell me what you want and be specific about it.

Here is what I mean:

Pick a favorite spot in your home or go lie down on a bed for a few minutes. Close your eyes and now imagine yourself living a full, and perfect day with the achievement of your Intention to hand. I’ll use one of my old Intentions as an example. One time I lived in a location where it was always cold and rainy. I had a two-bedroom house in a poor part of town. I Intended to live in a sunny climate, in luxury and on the beach.

Every day after getting home from work I would shower and while standing under the stress-filtering torrent I would close my eyes. (I also sometimes just sat in a chair or lay on the bed and did this). I imagined that I was just getting out of bed in an expansive, one-level luxurious ranch-style home. A warm, ocean breeze wafted the gossamer drapes to reveal, through floor to ceiling windows, a white sand beach leading to an azure ocean, still as glass. The air is silent, no hum of traffic, no voices, no one on the beach. It is my private beach. I feel the sense of pride of ownership. I touch the walls and the furniture… all mine, all paid for. I admire the original painting on the wall, one I purchased from the artist. The big-screen TV retreats into the wall with the touch of a button. The water surface breaks and my attention goes to a school of dolphins silently leaping in play, close enough that I can see their fin markings and eyes clearly. They are frequent visitors and I feel they know me and know they are safe which is why they come so close. Their backs glitter with the reflection of the sunrise.

I don a light dressing gown (I can feel its luxury and quality on my skin) and walk barefoot across the dark wood floors, (feel it, hear it) slide back the bedroom door and step out onto a warm patio. The sun feels warm on my face. I test the temperature of the swimming pool water with a big toe dipped into the waterfall, (it is warm) before walking around it, down three wood steps and onto the beach. I can feel the sand sift through my toes, sugar-like, clean, soft. The scent of salt carries on the gentle breeze. The beach is pristine and I can see for miles in both directions. I walk to the water’s edge and walk in warm ankle-deep water along the edge of the beach. In the distance pelicans sore and the sky is pink with the sunrise’s reflection on high clouds. I sigh with satisfaction. I have made it. I am a multi millionaire without a care in the world. It feels good, satisfying, humbling. I am so grateful for this gift of my thought-energy converting to matter.

I open my eyes and for a few seconds the emotions, energy and feelings are real. Soon the real world reminds me of where I am, but those sensations linger.

I found this exercise very relaxing, and the more I did it the more detail I added to the daydream. I would add something new every day, different clothes, a pier, a boat, a tan… I became so familiar with this imaginary place that it took no effort to visit it and relive the experience anytime I felt like it. I began to feel connected to it, and before long it felt as if it was with me but in a slightly different dimension. It was.

Now here is the rub. One day (for real and a few years later) I got out of bed and did this every morning in Sarasota, Florida. Family and friends still tell the stories of the dolphins that used to come up to the water’s edge and interact with us. We gave them names and easily recognized them by the fin markings. They seemed to be attracted to our dog and would splash water our way. The beach was sugary soft and private, and we rarely shut those patio doors because the air was so clean and warm. When we found the house it felt so familiar to me that I didn’t even bother looking in every room. I felt I had been there before. Not everything was the same, but everything that was different was better than I had imagined. The doors were not sliders but french doors that opened in a concertina fashion from wall to wall so that it felt as if the outside and inside were one. The water was warmer, the sand softer. I felt gratitude for the experience rather than excitement because I had reached that state of knowing.

That is what I mean when I say use your imagination to raise your sense of knowing. The bigger the better. The more vivid, the sexier, the better. It is a wonderful way to spend a few minutes, and you are literally creating your future.

So, back to the Intention. I may have written (I don’t remember because it was long ago), “I live in a luxury beach-front house that opens out onto a soft-sand, private beach.” In my mind, however, I imagined every aspect of what that feels like until the bridge between real and imagined finally blurred.

This is not new age nonsense, but a real, scientific process. Recent neuroscience studies prove that the brain can’t tell the difference between the real and the imagined. Both are the same to those neurons. So, rewire the neurons using your vivid imagination, and the real equivalent becomes your experience. Simple. I hope that expanded explanation is of help to you.

Happy dreaming.





  1. madeline says:

    Thank you for this detailed explanation and am reading your book

  2. Donna May says:

    I admit to a few false starts in my life but now have an intention that I will not fail at.

    I am my daughter’s voice on living with addiction and mental illness. I tell her story of addiction and the effect it had on family and community. How it took her life and how I learned to love the addict while hating the addiction.

    We wrote her story (addiction, crime, murder) together while she was passing from diseases caused by her abuse and it is my intention that it will be published this year. I’ve been asked for interviews and speaking engagements. My life is full and I am my intention! I will share in order to educate both the addict and the community. Jacquilynne’s story will assist others to make different choices.

    Thank you Trev.

  3. Excellent description of intention and visualization. The ability to imagine the tactile sensations of things like sand between the toes and sunshine on the skin may seem unimportant, but I believe the more of the five senses you can involve in your visualization, the more it magnetizes that reality. I’ve used this successfully to reach several objectives.

    • Trevor says:

      Thanks for the support Michael. Visualization wrongly gets associated with the esoteric, but it can now be shown scientifically that the brain cannot tell the difference between what we imagine and what is real. The key is definitely in using all the senses as you say.


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